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Language Variations Part 2 – Spanish

With over 400 million native speakers worldwide it is the 2nd largest native language in the world...

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One Global joins the ATC

In addition to our recent ISO 17100 certification, One Global is now a member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC)...

Cutting down on turnaround times

Every day we as project managers face tighter and tighter pressures on the turnaround of translation projects and it occurred to me the other day that maybe this is representative of the world we live in.

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Falling is as easy as… falling!

Having jumped out of a plane for charity last year to celebrate my 40th birthday and to raise some much needed funds for St Gemma’s Hospice...

Language Variations Part 1 – German

This is the first in a series of blogs looking at regional variations in languages. We understand that moving into new markets can be daunting...

Multilingual SEO – getting your keywords right

So you have a shiny new website ready to launch! Fully loaded up with videos, SEO and everything else that is going to help you climb up the Google rankings in no time...

One Global achieves ISO 17100 : 2015

One Global is proud to announce that we have recently been awarded certification of the BS EN ISO 17100 : 2015 standard.

Chinese characters are never round (except for Po in Kung Foo Panda)

It’s a guessing game many of our clients play quite often, with limited success. “I’ve got this document in erm, Japanese. Can you translate it into English?”

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Life begins at 40?

It’s 19 days until I jump out of a plane to raise some much needed funds for St Gemma’s Hospice ( and 23 days until I make it to 40.

Cooking up the perfect website translation!

I’m no Mary Berry in the kitchen but when it comes to translating websites you could say that it’s as easy (or as hard) as baking...

Going away? You may want to check your flights…

Getting the finer details right is vital in delivering the best possible language services to our clients.