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Marketing and public relations are all about communicating with your target audience in the most effective, and efficient way possible – a goal shared by One Global in the localization business.  That means we understand how important it is to choose our words carefully, whether we’re translating pre-prepared publicity material or transcreation of a brochure or website from your brief. 

We always take the time before starting each project to fully understand your campaign’s goals and strategies in detail, to ensure that you get a bespoke, high quality service, not an ‘off the shelf’ translation package.  This approach has led our customers to say we feel more like partners than service providers, working to achieve your goals as though they’re our own.    

I was stunned to see the completed translation file import into the website without any issues.

Richard Metcalfe, Fat Media

All about the understanding

As marketers, you need to have an intimate understanding of your target audience, and so do we.  All our linguists and copy-writers are native speakers, immersed in the culture of your target country, as well as having specialist knowledge of your chosen business sector; a university-level education; and professional translation qualifications followed by a minimum of three years’ professional experience. 

Due to our focus on partnership and quality, our clients know One Global can be trusted to maintain our high standards, even on the tightest turnaround – whether for a single magazine article or an entire televised campaign across multiple geographies.   

Whatever you do, we do it too

We can provide localization services for every step of your marketing project:

  • Print and digital media localization
  • Website and brochure transcreation
  • Internal communications
  • Market research
  • Video and audio translation for online or broadcast

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