Video Subtitling & Voiceover

One Global provides multiple video localization services: we can provide high-quality voiceover, subtitling, or captioning.

We can even work closely with you to conceive and develop new video content. We provide professional advice on services including scriptwriting, filming, graphics, editing and much more.

We work closely with professional voiceover artists, actors and studios, to provide translation services for any video, whether it’s for an internal e-learning project, online release or broadcast. 

Accuracy, immersion and creative insight

Our linguists are not only experienced professionals with translation qualifications: we also insist they have the specialist knowledge to work in each sector and medium, with the creative insight to understand where each project falls on this spectrum.   

One Global translators are always immersed in the culture of their target language community, so they know the best way to reach your intended audience.   

There were no linguistic issues and the technical element of the translations was handled superbly.

Neil Thubron, IBM

Whatever you do, we do it too

One Global can translate from text or audio, and has linguists covering every sector of business and industry, including but not limited to…

  • Legal and finance
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Multilingual e-learning
  • PR, marketing and digital media
  • Technical, chemical and manufacturing
  • Internal HR communications
  • Market research
  • Travel, tourism and leisure
  • Broadcast and online video
  • Information technology
  • Website localization

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