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Katia Perry Our Linguist Of The Month – April

Here at One Global, we appreciate and value the work our linguists’ do and recognise how vital they are to our business. Not only do linguists’ support our vision, but they are the driving force for businesses that decide to expand their wings into new climates. Therefore, to show our appreciation we are introducing our ‘Linguist Of The Month’ award where each month we will reward one of our linguists where we feel they deserve additional recognition.

This month we are celebrating our collaboration with Katia Perry who is one of our Brazilian Portuguese linguists. In addition to translating for one of our long-standing clients she has helped greatly with updating several large files and implemented our client’s preferences with patience and consideration. She has made sure to return all files on time and in the process has been pleasure working with.

Speaking of the award Katia said “I’ve been collaborating with One Global since September 2017. During this time, I have translated more than 300,000 words for them. This was an amazing experience as One Global team is very professional and easy to communicate with. Hannah Chew, my contact person in the company, has always been very helpful and provided me with all the information necessary for working efficiently. I hope this collaboration may last for many years ahead”

Thank you Katia Perry! www.proz.com/profile/54483

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