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Why One Global?

High quality, flexible service

First, we know it’s not all about the price: our first priority with both clients and suppliers is effective localisation, responsive and sensitive to the individual needs of your project.  There’s no ‘that’ll do’ in the One Global playbook – we invest time to understand customers’ goals, brand and strategy before each project even begins. 

We treat our clients like partners

We have a long history of serving clients who are enthusiastic about promoting the work we do for them.  Our customers say we are more like partners than suppliers – because we work hard to provide a bespoke, intelligent service that more than meets your brief.  As a result, we have formed scores of long-term client relationships, with plenty of repeat custom.  See our testimonials for more. 

Experienced professional linguists

Our skilled linguists are rigorously selected, and work to exacting standards, ensuring they have the expertise to complete any localization project before it is assigned – whether that’s transcreation of a hotel promotional booklet for a foreign-language audience, or accurately translating a technical manual or manufacturing specification, within fine tolerances.  We can even collaborate on content with other suppliers such as web design agencies. 

Our unique emphasis on quality and flexibility makes One Global the ideal partner for your localization project.

Broad range of experience

We’ve achieved this reputation through work in dozens of sectors, from market research, interview transcription or e-learning, to marketing material for leisure and tourism.  We work in print, digital and online – always in your chosen medium – as well as providing voiceover and video services.   This diversity of experience means we are flexible and adaptable, and we’re often able to advise on the best way to approach a project if a client isn’t sure.   

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