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What is Diwali, when and why is it celebrated and what do people do?

The festival usually occurs between October and November, with the date changing each year

Adverse Events Reporting

On a trip to France years ago, my aunt was treated by her hosts to a hearty meal, at the end of which, feeling happily stuffed, she smiled, patted her stomach, and announced, ‘Je suis plein!’

Writing a multi-market survey

It’s fairly common for businesses to expect there to be some differences in foreign markets: a different language is just the tip of the iceberg. There are different brands, celebrities, laws, memes, and different etiquette.

How has Covid impacted translators?

We have just passed the anniversary of the UK declaring its first ‘lockdown’ – scheduled to last a few weeks, but unbeknownst to us, destined to last for months.

One Global - The one for you?

We’ve all come across a cheesy corporate video that makes us cringe to the core!

Valentines Day or Día del Cariño

Who can forget the nervous tension of sending a Valentine’s card to a childhood crush?

The Origins of 12 Christmas Words

Most people have heard that Christmas is literally the “Christ Mass” of the Christian church, and that Santa Claus takes his name from a corruption of “Saint Nicholas,”

Our Linguist Of The Month For November

Celebrating our linguist’s commitment and hard work to this incredible yet challenging industry is something that we hold essential to us.

Is a native translator necessary for market research?

One of the most important steps in carrying out market research is obviously identifying who your market is...

'Foreign' Country A Thing Of The Past?

They say the past is a foreign country, and nowhere in the UK is that more true than Cornwall.

Those Rare Languages You Think Aren’t Worth Translating Into…

It’s amazing to think that in the modern world, there are still between 6,000 and 7,000 languages spoken – in fact, nobody even knows exactly how many!

Breaking Language Barriers at the Insights Show

What does One Global have in common with the market research companies we service?

Are You Localizing Your Market Research?

What does One Global have in common with the market research companies we service?

The Magic Of Polls

There has always been a strange fascination in polls, those central pillars of the market research world...

The Reason for the Season

Westerners of all stripes are probably looking forward to Friday this week...