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Roman Karabaev Our Linguist Of The Month -June

Our linguist of the month award goes to Roman Karabaev who has been collaborating with One Global as a Russian linguist since 2013. Having worked for a number of our key clients’, on over 180 projects with One Global. Roman is always a pleasure to communicate and work with. The quality of his work is always of high standards and always delivered on time. He has consistently shown reliability and professionalism throughout our collaboration, which here at One Global we greatly appreciate and would like to recognise.

Speaking of the award Roman said:

I’ve been working with One Global for several years and this company is one of the best I ever worked with. I appreciate their prompt communication, their trustworthiness and smooth collaboration experience in general.

We would like to thank Roman Karabaev and all the linguists’ we have collaborated with this month!

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