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The travel and leisure businesses are well known for generating lots of promotional material – and of course, needing to make this available to global customers and a diverse staff base.  Whether you’re a hotel, airline, resort or gym, we can help with everything from your marketing localization across multiple countries, to technical documentation and e-learning for specialist equipment. 

One Global’s talented linguists and copywriters can localize your content into any language, in a way which is not only accurate, but engaging.  Working with InDesign or any other chosen software, we can translate artwork, video and words for glossy brochures, less glossy manuals, and complex booking sites. 

The project managers are extremely friendly, reliable, and work extremely quickly to tight deadlines. The range of languages offered is also impressive.

Louise Hanan, Online Travel Training

All about the understanding

One Global linguists are not only qualified professionals with a minimum of three years’ experience in their trade: they’re also native speakers, immersed in the culture of your target country – avoiding embarrassing errors.  We insist that linguists also have a university-level education and specialist knowledge of the leisure and travel sector.   

Due to our focus on partnership and quality, our clients know One Global can be trusted to maintain our high standards, even on the tightest turnaround.   

Whatever you do, we do it too

We can provide localization services for any kind of travel project:

  • Print and digital media localization
  • Website and brochure transcreation
  • Video and audio translation for online or broadcast

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