Translation & Localization

Good localization doesn’t only mean accurately transposing words from one language to another: it can also mean translating your tone and inflection for a new audience. 

At One Global, we recognise that one size really doesn’t fit all: each client’s needs fall on a spectrum. 

At one end are projects such as technical documentation and manual translation, where translation needs to be exact and accurate to avoid miscommunication. 

At the other might be marketing or website translation, where our top priority is communicating your message to a new audience. This might call for a very loose translation indeed, if not transcreation: for example, if your headline slogan contains clever wordplay, perfect translation of the words is useless if it destroys the pun. 

Accuracy, immersion and creative insight

Our linguists are not only experienced professionals with translation qualifications: we also insist they have the specialist knowledge to work in each sector and medium, with the creative insight to understand where each project falls on this spectrum. 

They are always immersed in the culture of their target language community, so they know the best way to reach your intended audience. 

In every case, whether it’s translation for the chemical industry or open-ended responses in a consumer survey, we ensure all meaning, not just every word, is communicated effectively. 

‘We would choose nothing but the best when it came to outsourcing translation.’

Xavier Fonder, RONIN

Whatever you do, we do it too

One Global can translate from text or audio, and has linguists covering every sector of business and industry, including but not limited to…

  • Legal and finance
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Multilingual e-learning
  • PR, marketing and digital media
  • Technical, chemical and manufacturing
  • Internal HR communications
  • Market research
  • Travel, tourism and leisure
  • Broadcast and online video
  • Information technology
  • Website localization

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