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In the era of the internet – once literally referred to as the ‘world wide web’ – making your products and services available internationally is no longer an option, but practically inevitable.  Even the smallest software start-up or app developer will probably find their software being downloaded in half a dozen countries. 

This means that localization is a problem that no IT developer can avoid thinking about for long.  Whether you’re translating a manual, a user interface, or just localizing promotional material, websites, and associated e-learning, we are able to help you navigate the process of taking your product to the world.

We’re also happy to work in any chosen native file format, whether that’s HTML, XML, RESX, PO, XLIFF or something else. 

There were no linguistic issues and the technical element of the translations was handled superbly.

Neil Thubron, IBM

All about the understanding

One Global linguists are not only qualified professionals with a minimum of three years’ experience in their trade: we insist that they also have a university-level education and specialist IT knowledge.  They’re also native speakers, immersed in the culture of your target country – avoiding embarrassing errors from the start. 

We work in over 200 languages, helping you roll out to the entire world, and take time to understand the specifics of your project before we even start. 

Due to our focus on partnership and quality, our clients know One Global can be trusted to maintain these high standards even on the shortest turnaround. 

Whatever you do, we do it too

We can provide localization services for any kind of IT project:

  • Video and graphics translation
  • Website localization and transcreation
  • eLearning localization
  • Technical manuals and documentation for software and hardware

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