Unbeatable expertise across a range of sectors.

Unbeatable expertise across a range of specialisms.

One Global’s highly qualified linguists are selected for their specialist knowledge of sectors and industries, meaning they not only know how to talk to local people – they know what they’re talking about too.

Market Research

We are market research specialists, and experts in helping you get the data you need from multiple geographies.

Website & Digital

Whether you need translation or transcreation, social media or website content localisation, we can provide all these services fast. 

Manufacturing & Engineering

Our linguists have specialist technical knowledge to ensure your manuals and documentation are accurately localised.

Marketing & PR

We know the importance of effective communication with a diverse target audience – it’s our business too. 

Information Technology

We know the software and digital sector inside out, from UI localisation to code and internal comms.

Travel, Tourism & Leisure

Whether it’s staff elearning or customer brochures, our local linguists can help you speak to anybody.


One Global provide skilful e-learning translation to ensure your global workforce is trained to a global standard. 

Corporate Communications

Internal communications are the life-blood of any international company: our skilled and experienced team help you to communicate  effectively on a global scale, even on short turnarounds.