In an international business, it’s important to know that your global workforce are all receiving the same standard of training, regardless of language barriers.  This means you need a high-quality language service partner who can ensure your e-learning localization is completely accurate, with no room for error or misunderstanding between trainer and trainee. 

Translating e-learning may require not only rendering your written materials and evaluation into the target language, but also incorporate digital, audio and video instruction media: One Global accordingly provides not just written translation, but subtitling, voiceover and even advice on video production to ensure a complete service your staff can understand and relate to.

Keeping a track of all this could have been a nightmare as updates were constant. The spreadsheet we were provided with was complex yet clear.

Neil Thubron, IBM

Immersed in your business and their culture

One Global linguists are not only qualified professionals with a minimum of three years’ experience in their trade: they’re also native speakers, immersed in the culture of your target country – ensuring training can be delivered sensitively.  We insist that linguists also have a university-level education and specialist knowledge of your sector and project.

Due to our focus on partnership and quality, our clients know One Global can be trusted to maintain our high standards – and we work within your chosen file formats so no conversion is required.

Whatever you do, we do it too

We can provide localization services for any kind of digital and printed training content:

  • Graphics and artwork localization
  • Training video translation, audio and subtitling
  • Technical manual transcreation
  • E-learning evaluation and open-end response translation

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