Since turning to One Global for e-learning translation, this major player in the online training and marketing industry were able to speed up their process and offer clients more choice…


Online Travel Training is the world’s first online training and marketing platform for the travel industry, with the largest registered community of travel professionals of any e-learning platform.

OTT’s membership and the number of courses passed has continued to grow, with over 1,500 new registrations per month, and over 6,000 course passes per month – more than any other provider.

As OTT has expanded and maintained its competitive position through world-class technology, service and support, this meant meeting ever-increasing demands from the travel industry by growing into a truly global e-learning solution, covering over 165,000 members in 192 countries – speaking a huge number of languages.

  • Key Facts

  • Category

    Translation & Localization

  • Language

    Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, German, French and Italian

  • Brief

    Translation and localization of e-learning material for the travel and tourism market.

How did One Global help?

Before engaging One Global to translate courses for international audiences, OTT relied on their clients to provide their own localisation services.  This was often done in-house, and too slowly for OTT’s purposes.  OG’s dedicated project managers and linguists covering over 200 languages meant the same work could be completed more quickly, consistently, and to a higher standard.

One Global offer a more professional and overall better service than anything we could offer previously.

Aida Mazan, Online Travel Training

The Benefits

Using OG as a central resource, with its focus on high quality on even short turnarounds, OTT was able to speed up localisation, and schedule training plan launches well in advance. 

Since turning to One Global, OTT have also been able to include translation as an element of packages offered to clients – making the whole process more seamless for customers.

The project managers are extremely friendly, reliable, and work extremely quickly to tight deadlines. The range of languages offered is also impressive.

Louise Hanan, Online Travel Training

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