Corporate Communications

Effective internal communications are the life-blood of any business, ensuring that the intentions of management and the concerns of the workforce are understood well by all.  The larger the company, the more vital this becomes – and nowhere is it more challenging than in an international business with staff across multiple cultures and language groups. 

One Global has plenty of experience in this sector, working with world leading brands like Univar, localizing digital, printed, written and video media for a global audience in over 200 languages.  We are happy to work directly in your chosen format, speeding up delivery and keeping your communications standard.

‘Using the local language is important for not only showing respect but demonstrating a level of commitment to our values of Commercial Greatness, Operational Excellence and ONE Univar.’

Hayley Lamper, Univar Solutions

Immersed in your business and their culture

Our linguists are not only qualified professionals with a minimum of three years’ experience in their trade: they’re also native speakers, immersed in the culture of your target country – ensuring they can get the message across without embarrassing errors.  We insist that linguists also have a university-level education and specialist knowledge of your sector and project.   

Due to our focus on partnership and quality, our clients know One Global can be trusted to maintain our high standards even on tight turnarounds.

Whatever you do, we do it too

We can provide localization services for any kind of printed, verbal or digital corporate communication:

  • Graphics and artwork localization
  • E-learning and training materials
  • Technical manual transcreation
  • Internal blogs and social media post transcreation
  • Video and audio translation and subtitling
  • Email translation
  • Interpreters for live events, meetings and conferences

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