RONIN set out to hire multiple vendors to localize their market research projects for multiple target languages – now they rely on One Global to meet demanding deadlines without compromise…


RONIN International is a market research and consultancy firm that addresses the needs of large corporations as well as research agencies. Their comprehensive range of services are designed specifically for the healthcare and B2B sectors, a key offering of which is Voice of the Customer (VoC) research.

With multilingual capabilities, their research is conducted via telephone and online from their data collection centre in central London.

RONIN's roots in marketing consulting position it uniquely as a market research supplier that understands how to apply research data. With an emphasis on marketplace insight, their work goes well beyond providing data or even information. It addresses the issues of what the data means for their clients and how it can be used. It forms the basis for management decisions and actions to address the major business issues of that business unit or corporation.

With over thirty years of research experience in the healthcare, IT and B2B sectors, Ronin have a solid understanding of these industries, the competitive environment and the technical aspects of the products and services being developed and sold by their clients.

  • Key Facts

  • Category

    Translation & Localization

  • Language

    Various languages across multiple regions

  • Brief

    Market Research localization for various industries including medical, automotive and chemical. Projects include multi-language questionnaires and updates as well as open-ended responses.

How did One Global help?

RONIN carried out a supplier review and invited a number of Language Service Providers to submit proposals and sample translations for multiple language pairs.

Multiple vendors were approved. However, when discussing translation requirements with the One Global team there was a much more bespoke approach to RONIN’s language challenges which consequently led to developing a highly efficient workflow.

RONIN fully recognise that they receive quality and great support from the One Global team.

In their experience, pricing which is too low drastically affects the translation quality which simply isn’t sustainable since RONIN’s first priority is to ensure that their client’s brands are accurately reflected in all languages.

‘We would choose nothing but the best when it came to outsourcing translation.’

Xavier Fonder, RONIN

The Benefits

One Global support RONIN with language services at various stages of the market research process and for various industries including medical, automotive and chemical. The projects include multi language questionnaires and updates as well as open-ended responses.

Due to the nature of projects, files go through multiple update stages and files need to be handled with extreme care and attention to ensure edits are made to the language versions correctly meaning One Global’s QA process is vital to the workflow and needs to be carried out to a high level

Timing is also a key factor in the relationship as projects are also of a time-sensitive nature and RONIN are able to rely on One Global to meet demands for short turnaround without having to compromise the high standards of quality.

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