Golley Slater

When retail marketers approached One Global for website localization, preserving their idiosyncratic tone and voice, our transcreation service proved the key to confidence in the French market…


Golley Slater are a UK-based independent marketing agency, founded in 1957, chosen by leading global brands to change consumer behaviours and improve performance.

Golley Slater needed help to localize their website for the French market, opening up new market opportunities.  One Global were able to suggest an alternative view on how to translate their content. The challenge was to accurately convey the same message in a foreign language, as that evoked by a highly idiomatic English content style.

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    Translation & Localization

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    Website localization to open up new market opportunities.

How did One Global help?

One Global recommended a solution involving transcreation as opposed to translation – the process of translating a message, rather than specific phrasing, from one culture to another. That is to say, creating content directly in the target language rather than simply translating word for word. 

Transcreation is increasingly used in advertising and marketing services where the message is key to the success of a given campaign as well as ensuring that any images, colours or designs used are suitable for the target local market.

One Global involved the client right from the start and ensured they were able to convey information to our experienced transcreator on the company’s brand, ethos and objectives so that they could be replicated for local target markets.

The Benefits

Golley Slater are now able to confidently approach the French market, knowing that their online proposition is fully optimised and are looking to add further languages to their website in the future.

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