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Our Language Intern All The Way From Italy!

My name is Karen and I’m an Italian student at the University of Udine, studying Languages and translation. I wanted to do my internship in the UK because I knew it would be a great opportunity for me to improve my English language skills and get to know Great Britain. A 2 months-period spent in the country of the main language I am studying, English.

The internship is an important stage for my bachelor’s degree, it’s compulsory and consists of spending 150 hours working in a translation company. I took part in the Erasmus+Traineeship program and One Global was so kind to take me as an intern, even though my University and One Global hadn’t established any previous connection. One Global were very friendly and helpful throughout the application process (completing many documents). I am so grateful they decided to accept me and involve me in their activities, allowing me to gain a lot of experience in the field. The Erasmus program offers students great opportunities and it’s amazing that One Global takes part in this constructive program, accepting students from other countries.

When I first arrived at One Global, I feared that my language skills and my competences wouldn’t have been good enough – they probably weren’t and still aren’t. Despite this, One Global has always made me feel like I was part of the team, my tutor has never reprimanded me, nor told me I wasn’t doing a good job. During my internship, Hannah and Amélie taught me everything I needed to know with kindness and patience, even though my questions were sometimes repetitive. They have always explained what wasn’t clear to me, even more than once. Furthermore, all the other people working at One Global (Jim, Paul, Sia, Eleonora and Nisha) always took care of me and helped me. At One Global I felt beloved and “at home”. I’m really grateful I’ve had the opportunity to meet those wonderful people: they are kind, nice and amusing, and at the same time qualified and competent, working really hard, giving 100% in their job. At One Global you can only feel positive vibes, no stress, nor negativity. It’s a wonderful place to work, my experience was totally positive.

I have learnt many things: first of all, I’ve had the opportunity to deeply comprehend how a translation company works, all the different factors and dynamics involved in the “translation world”. Then I’ve experienced what the actual job consists of; dealing with linguists, checking the translations, using specific software like Trados. I gained lots of practical experience you don’t learn at University.

In conclusion, my internship at One Global has been a successful, positive, fortuitous and most importantly, satisfying experience. Thanks to this experience, I better understood what I want to specialize in: I would like to become an interpreter and I truly hope I will have the opportunity to work with One Global again. Words will never be good enough to thank you for what you have done for me.

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