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One Global actively supporting Leeds with St Georges Crypt

Every month a few of the team visit the site of our sponsored charity ‘St Georges Crypt’ to help with the services available to the homeless and vulnerable of Leeds. St Georges Crypt rely on the support of local volunteers to help with the daily operations of the site because of the great help needed. We believe it is essential to be actively involved with shaping and rebuilding our local community together, not only as a business but as people. The charity provides accommodation, health and well-being services, training and engagement opportunities and employment to those needing support.
Last week Hannah Chew and Sia Najumi from the team chose to volunteer at the centre to meet at first hand those who benefit from the cause. The took along with them the heaps of donations that the office had received from the support of the fundraising campaign ‘Put A Sock In It’ that our Managing Director’s son started. They sifted through and organised all the bags of donations, helped with the setup of the lunch service and prepared bedrooms for the evening. It’s  great to have the team experience and help with all the good that St Georges Crypt does for the community as well as be a part of it. Thank you St Georges Crypt for having the team!

"Witnessing the hard work and dedications that goes into running the centre was a really worthwhile experience. This centre is a lifeline for a number of vulnerable people and provides a vital service. It was great to be able to assist for the day and see how our donations are used." – Hannah Chew, Operations Director

"It was a great opportunity to meet those that establish the ongoing care and who make these services available for our community. It's important that every society takes on the responsibility of helping those in need and it was eye opening to see people from all walks of life visiting the centre for help. It was nice to see the amount people were donating and how the services were helping rebuild people's lives. I'm glad we sponsor St George's Crypt through Put a Sock In It and hope to volunteer again soon." - Sia Najumi, Business Development Executive

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