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My time at One Global as an intern all the way from Calabria...

My name is Serena (the one on the left in the picture!) and I am a graduate in Foreign Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Calabria, Italy. A few months after my graduation I discovered to be one of those recipients of the Erasmus Traineeship scholarship, a programme that allows University students and recent graduates to attend an internship in a foreign country, getting practical experience in their field of study while also improving foreign language skills.
Being this such a good opportunity, I wanted to choose a firm where I could get as much practice as possible before entering the real working life. In this respect, One Global appeared to me as the ideal place to deepen the subject I am most interested in (translation!) and have the experience I had imagined in the UK, the country of the main language I studied. This is the reason why I was so happy when they decided to take me as an Intern for two months!
Even before I arrived, One Global has proved to be an extremely professional environment and has never disappointed my expectations thanks to the qualified people working there. As a matter of fact, the first person I have been in contact with was Hannah, who has always made sure that all the documents needed for my internship were completed in time – no matter the very short deadlines - and she also cared about my staying in England being so kind to put me in contact with Mélissa, who gave me precious information and advice about where to stay and how to move in a city I didn’t know. You can really tell that at One Global they want you to feel at your best to enjoy the time spent there and make the most out of your internship because of the way they help, and I am very thankful for that.
When I had the chance to meet the rest of the team, I immediately felt part of it - even though I didn’t have their experience and my skills weren’t enough for the work they carry out so well. Regardless of that, they have always trusted me and involved me in all their activities, being nice and helpful to me all the time. Hannah, Amélie and Mélissa explained to me everything I needed to know in a patient and supportive way, also multiple times. Thanks to each member of the One Global team I feel like I have learnt so many things by benefiting from a joyful (yet professional) working environment.
At One Global I learnt the practical side of translations. Everything related to this market was almost unknown to me, as my acquaintance with this field was primarily theorical.
Indeed, One Global has given me first a detail-oriented perspective, as in this job every aspect matters in order to deliver quality translations. By staying here, I have learnt the essential criteria for a translator to be considered a professional, but I have also familiarised myself with the company’s database, where I always looked for all the useful information and learnt so many tools that I am sure I will be able to apply in other practical fields.
By helping the project management team with its tasks, I had the chance to discover the various processes involved in delivering appropriate translations, acquiring a concrete awareness of this job and of all its stages, as well as the hard work behind it. I am very glad to have also developed a greater confidence in my communication skills. As a matter of fact, establishing contacts with potential and existing linguists, trying also to reply to any of their queries, has helped me to acquire a better knowledge of the English language while also learning to communicate through emails in an effective way.
I can finally state that my experience at One Global has been extremely positive and that thanks to it I feel much more confident in starting a working life with all its responsibilities and requirements. I am also glad for having acquired such a concrete awareness of the translation world because I would like to continue my career in this area and now, I know how it works.
Thank you One Global for promoting initiatives as the one I took part in and for allowing me to improve my skills by being part of your ‘family’.

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