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Multilingual SEO – getting your keywords right

So you have a shiny new website ready to launch! Fully loaded up with videos, SEO and everything else that is going to help you climb up the Google rankings in no time, but when it comes to localising your site, have you thought about the multilingual rankings and how they will be achieved?

If your global sales are driven by the traffic to your English site then you’re all set – but if you are looking to reach new customers in your target locales then you really should be thinking about multilingual SEO as well.

So, you just translate a list of my English keywords right? Wrong. A direct translation is not going to provide you with high ranking in your target locale. For example, when searching online for a hire car you might search for ‘car hire’ ‘car rental’ ‘rent a car’ or you might search for a specific brand name and the same will apply in the target languages. Our linguists are perfectly placed in the target locales to carry out keyword research for the required languages and find the most appropriate keywords for that locale.

I’ll come back to this once the site is up and running! This is a common response and one we hear a lot. We understand that you want to get the site up and functioning as soon as possible however we would always advise that if you are going to include SEO in your multilingual site then you carry this out before the translation, that way the translator can incorporate the keywords in a much more natural way than having to try and fit them in post translation.

Other considerations include Alt tags, Title Tags and Meta data – have you included these in the text for translation? Have you thought about including a localised video to your site? These are all considerations One Global can help with, call us on ++(0)113 856 0015 and speak to one of our team to discuss how we can internationalise your brand!

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