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Milena Ferrante Our Linguist Of The Month For November!

Linguists are an integral part of our team and we like to celebrate one every month to show our appreciation to the work they do and to our industry. Milena Ferrate has been chosen by our panel this month to be recognized as she has been a pleasure to work with since 2013. She is one of our English to Italian linguists’ that works on marketing projects, and our team love working with her because of her commitment and great attention to detail when it comes to translations. The work she produces always capture the essence of the marketing source and relays the message perfectly across into Italian. Our project management team have developed a long standing and valuable relationship with her over the years and we would like to thank you Milena, it is a pleasure to work with you!

Speaking of the award Milena said:

One Global is definitely one of the best agencies I have been working for. The projects are interesting and the professionality of the agency is evident from each single perspective.

But what makes it a real pleasure is the personal relationship it is possible to establish with each single PM. Kind, professional and keeping the right balance between client’s and translator’s needs. Thanks for an always rewarding relationship.

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