Life begins at 40?

It’s 19 days until I jump out of a plane to raise some much needed funds for St Gemma’s Hospice ( and 23 days until I make it to 40. I decided a few months back that I’d rather friends and family donate their hard earned cash to St Gemma’s than spend it on my birthday, they need it more than me after all. Life may well begin at 40 for me but that isn’t necessarily the case for some of the people the hospice cares for.

It costs £25,000 to run the whole service at St Gemma’s for a day, that’s £1,040 an hour! So my £1,000 target is to cover the cost for a single hour, just 60 minutes. Doesn’t seem like a lot when you think of it like that does it?

If you are able to help please visit my sponsorship page HERE.

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