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Cutting down on turnaround times

Every day we as project managers face tighter and tighter pressures on the turnaround of translation projects and it occurred to me the other day that maybe this is representative of the world we live in. We have become accustomed to being able to order something and have it almost instantly with companies such as Amazon offering next day delivery at no extra cost or even one hour delivery for some purchases.

Having to wait a week for something is now almost unheard of and so this makes me think – is turnaround time now a bigger selection factor than price? Is having something the next day more important than the cost? Would you compromise on quality in order to have your translated documents sooner?

Compromising on quality is not something that we would feel comfortable with so with this in mind, what are the other options available in order to help speed up turnaround times on translation projects:

  • Translation Memory: although not a new technology this does help speed up the process if there is access to previously translated material. Reusable content will reduce the turnaround time and also the cost.
  • Time Zones: having access to a worldwide network of linguists can be a huge advantage and whilst we do prefer to work with linguists working in their native countries, if time pressures do not allow then we can use this as an option to give us round the clock working.
  • Multiple Linguists: this would only be possible on larger projects but again this is an option to help reduce project turnaround time.
  • Machine Translation: again, whilst this is not something that we work with on a regular basis, if you have a large volume project with a quick turnaround we can assess the content to see if it would be suitable for machine translation and discuss this as a potential option.

So as you can see there are options available to help speed up the translation process whilst not compromising on quality and we are always open to being flexible and creative when it comes to helping you meet vital deadlines!

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