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Are You Localizing Your Market Research? – Meet Us At Quirk’s London!

What does One Global have in common with the market research companies we service? Apart from the fact that both our industries revolve around effective communication with diverse audiences, we also share an uncompromising dedication to quality on which the success of our work hinges.



Just like manufacturing and any other business, there are always some players who turn a good profit by knocking out cut price products in bulk.  But we recognize this isn’t the way to become a true top player – and it won’t help you get good results.

The clients we work with know that One Global will hold ourselves to high standards, even on short turnaround projects.  And that’s as much about acuity as accuracy: because we have an understanding of your project and research infrastructure, as well as linguist insight into your target audience, we’re able to provide bespoke localization anywhere on the spectrum from transcreation (adapting your content in another language) to direct translation of every word – ensuring you engage people and get results, just as your brief requires.

People say that One Global feel more like partners than suppliers, and that’s really what you get when you come to us.

One Global linguists not only have expertise in the specific area of market research – whether that’s localizing quant and qual surveys, interviews, discussion guides, or telephone scripts – they are uniquely qualified for the job at hand.  One Global ensures linguists are resident in your target country, with a minimum of three years’ full-time translation experience (often many more), and official qualifications in the field.

And they are not only fluent but native speakers of your target language – you wouldn’t entrust just any English-speaker off the street with writing copy, and we share your standards when it comes to localization. All of our individually vetted linguists have university-level education, so they can use their mother tongues with confidence and (if needs be) élan. What’s more, they are active, present and engaged members of their communities, with an intimate knowledge of local culture and sensitivities.  They are founts of knowledge and great communicators – meaning not a word will be wasted.

One Global are research localization specialists: whether you need a hand interpreting survey results and open ends responses, or just asking the right questions in the right context, our team have boundless experience across every conceivable field from retail and finance to medicine and engineering, which is why clients like Ronin International have been happy to endorse us based on the quality and support they received.

Other clients of ours include maru/edr; KPMG Nunwood; MetrixLab; Trinity McQueen, OMR Globus all market research leaders in everything from digital research and data analytics to questionnaires.
Quality is king. So, whatever your research goals, whatever your medium One Global can help you meaningfully reach your market.
If you are attending the Quirk's London Market Research Event make sure to visit Paul Green and Sia Najumi at booth 504, where they will be having a prize draw for full hospitality Wimbledon 2019 Centre Court Tickets!

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