1st May 2018
Tour De Yorkshire Preparation

Re-Tour de Yorkshire

Although shamefully missed out of the last two years’ routes, One Global’s home town of Leeds will once again be welcoming the cyclists of the Tour […]
30th April 2018

Katia Perry Our Linguist Of The Month – April

Here at One Global, we appreciate and value the work our linguists’ do and recognise how vital they are to our business. Not only do linguists’ […]
26th April 2018
Menston Junior's under 11's Football Team

Menston Junior’s Tour To Madrid

One Global are proud to share the recent sponsorship of a local under 11’s football team at Menston Junior Football Club. This month the under 11’s […]
23rd April 2018

Remembering Shakespeare

On 23rd April, people all over the world will be celebrating the life of William Shakespeare, who died on this date in 1616 (and supposedly, was […]
20th April 2018
Earth from space

Naming the Stars – 21 April, World Astronomy Day

Space: the final frontier.  We all want humanity to reach further across the galaxies one day, but even after Elon Musk’s latest venture, the Falcon Heavy […]
16th April 2018
World Voice Day 2018

World Voice Day

You don’t have to be a singer to appreciate the value of your voice – in fact, most of our interpreters would list it among their […]
10th April 2018
Mariposa Indian Dancer

Why Do Languages Die?

The world of language is a fascinating one: there are around 6,900 living languages, and many more dialects, all constantly changing and evolving. Indeed, many languages […]
5th April 2018
Mathematics problem

Mathematics Awareness Month

Mathematics is sometimes called the true universal language – while the words and theory may need to be translated, the numbers and expressions themselves usually remain […]
27th March 2018
Swearing speech bubbles

We swear it’s good for you!

Words have power! They can end wars, start relationships, make you happy or seal a deal.  In fact there’s a name for that: the performative utterance […]
20th March 2018
Back view of happy excited young people holding hands and jumping in the air outdoors

Smile…International Day of Happiness is here!

What is true happiness?  One of the biggest questions in human history has drawn answers from all fields – from theology and medicine to literature and […]
12th May 2017

Language Variations Part 2 – Spanish

The next language we are going to focus on for our language variations series is Spanish. With over 400 million native speakers worldwide it is the […]
30th March 2017
One Global International PR Partner

One Global welcomes International PR partner

Beattie, the creative communications group, and international language service specialists One Global have announced an agreement to offer businesses multilingual and strategic PR marketing campaigns across […]
30th March 2017
Association of Translation Companies Membership

One Global joins the ATC

In addition to our recent ISO 17100 certification, One Global is now a member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), a professional members only group […]
24th February 2017
German Language Variations

Language Variations Part 1 – German

This is the first in a series of blogs looking at regional variations in languages. We understand that moving into new markets can be daunting and […]
23rd February 2017

Falling is as easy as… falling!

Having jumped out of a plane for charity last year to celebrate my 40th birthday and to raise some much needed funds for St Gemma’s Hospice […]