1st February 2019

Are You Localizing Your Market Research? – Meet Us At Quirk’s London!

31st January 2019

Georgina Tetley-Paul Our Linguist Of January!

It is not often that the efforts of linguists are celebrated or praised and so here at One Global we make it a point to award […]
25th January 2019

Bringing Wimbledon to Quirk’s 2019

We are delighted to be exhibiting at the London Quirk’s Market Research Event this year. We are excited to meet all of the great Market Research […]
22nd January 2019

The Magic Of Polls

There has always been a strange fascination in polls, those central pillars of the market research world.  They have a thousand and one uses, and of […]
21st December 2018

Happy Holidays Linguists!

We would like to thank all of the linguists we have had the pleasure to work with this year. It has been a hectic year for […]
20th December 2018

Putting A Sock In It This Christmas For Charity

This year we have chosen to support a cause very close to home. We have decided to support ‘Put a Sock in it’, a fundraising campaign […]
19th December 2018

The Reason for the Season

Westerners of all stripes are probably looking forward to Friday this week: with Christmas now only a week away, and most people anticipating some well-earned time […]
4th December 2018

Are Emojis The New Global Language?

Apart from the common refrain these days that young people using emoticons are destroying language and literacy, the second most common cliché is that emojis are […]
30th November 2018

Milena Ferrante Our Linguist Of The Month For November!

Linguists are an integral part of our team and we like to celebrate one every month to show our appreciation to the work they do and […]
26th November 2018

The Challenges Of Localizing Arabic

There’s a saying in Arabic: إذا تحدثت إلى رجل بلغة يفهمها، ستصل إلى رأسه. إذا تحدثت إليه بلغته، ستصل إلى قلبه. If you talk to a […]
20th November 2018

Know Your Facebook From Your Sina Weibo

Social Media can be an unforgiving wild west of a territory for big brands and businesses – finding themselves for the first time entering a true […]
14th November 2018

Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week

Today, it has been said, we live in the Age of the Entrepreneur.  Every day we hear about exciting new start-ups, and the business models of […]
31st October 2018

Anne-Claire Bennion Our Linguist Of The Month For October

We would like to celebrate Anne-Claire Bennion this month who has been with us since 2013 and who has worked on a staggering number of 845 […]
29th October 2018

How Does Gender Impact Language And Translation?

Nigeria is a country of many languages – among the most prominent, Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa, as well as English.  In a remote farming community in […]
17th October 2018

How We Break Our Global Barriers With A Pint Of Beer – Oktoberfest

When considering how to market yourself to a global audience, it’s always a good idea to consider the kind of ideas that unite different cultures across […]