Fenner Precision is part of the global engineering group, Fenner PLC. As a leading global provider of precision-engineered elastomeric solutions for a range of markets they needed a multilingual website solution to meet the needs of their global demand and reflect the quality of their service offering.

Having already engaged a web design agency, Fenner were looking to involve a language service provider that could maintain a relationship with the web agency and also provide the localisation support needed. Dayna Freedman from Fenner said ‘Since my earliest involvement with One Global, they were keen to offer advice and assistance to suit our requirements and fit in line with our budget requirements. Their approach has been a breath of fresh air due to their knowledgeable advice and guidance.’

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How did One Global help?

One Global not only worked with Fenner on the translation of their website project but also worked directly with Fenner’s web agency to ensure that the client did not spend time having to get involved with any of the technical side of the project.

Thanks to the process testing and pseudo translations carried out with the web agency prior to the translation of the content, One Global were able to work directly with the web files and provide back the localised versions that could be easily uploaded back into the website. One Global also carried out functional and linguistic testing of the localised site to ensure the content was correct and was suitable within the context of the website.

Speaking of her experience of working on the project, Dayna stated ‘I recommend One Global to any other companies I interact with, purely due to their fantastic service and project management skills.’  – Can’t ask for better than that!