Technical and Manufacturing

Technical translations require precision and expert knowledge. It is also a diverse area of industry and can have devastating effects if localised incorrectly. It is with the same attention to detail and precision that we follow when localising technical manuals, specifications, user guides, white papers and websites for our clients in this field.

Projects often tend to be lengthy and high volume and therefore we tailor a translation workflow that incorporates your volume, turnaround times and budget in order to minimise the impact on your time to market.

Selecting the right translator with the right area of expertise is critical to ensuring your documents or manuals are translated accurately. This is why our experienced Project Managers will handpick translators for your project that have qualifications and proven experience in your field, whether this be manufacturing, engineering, chemical, construction, energy or oil and gas.


‘I recommend One Global to any other companies I interact with, purely due to their fantastic service and project management skills.’

Marketing Associate, Fenner Precision.

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