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1st February 2019
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5th March 2019

Sonja Reither & Pascal Zotto our linguists of the month for February!

Our panel have chosen to award Sonja Reither and Pascal Zotto with our linguist of the month!  Sonja and Pascal work in partnership on English to German projects and have translated various projects for February. They have been beyond helpful and are always prompt in communicating with the project management team. It is always a delight to work with them. Congratulations Sonja and Pascal, thank you from everyone at One Global.

Speaking of the award Sonja and Pascal said:

We have been working together with One Global since 2017. Right from the beginning, we could see that this language partner not only aims to satisfy and respect their clients, but also their translators. All project managers have always been kind, helping wherever they could, valuing our efforts and thus making translation work a comfortable, smooth job. With a partner like One Global, you’re never left out there on your own!”