Belzona, manufacturers of Industrial Protective Coatings and Engineering Composites

Belzona is a world leader in the design and manufacture of repair composites and protective coatings for machinery, equipment, buildings and structures. Covering over 120 countries, the initial collaboration with One Global started in 2013 when Belzona localised their eLearning platform for their staff and distribution partners, in several languages, starting with Russian, French and Spanish.

Following on from this initial project, there were also a large number of English-language technical documents, which needed transposing into a number of core languages, starting with French and German then moving on to include Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Chinese. Due to the nature of the documents and the continual update process, a structured process for the language versions has been put in place to keep all versions in alignment.

Further localisation projects included sales events and marketing materials.

How did One Global help?

One Global (OG) has been able to leverage its base of linguists to find specialists in chemical sciences and engineering, to handle complex translations. All linguists and translations were signed off jointly by OG and Belzona, with two linguists working on each language. The collaboration between reviewers and linguists has been key to the project success especially for Russian.

Belzona is now delivering key training courses for the Distributor network in French and German, which OG will be supporting by providing interpreters. In future, it is planned that OG will help with development of document management, improving the efficiency of processing document updates further, and centralising marketing material.

How did Belzona benefit?

Belzona’s Natalie Carpenter, who has worked with OG since 2017, notes the translation work ‘has helped the distributors enormously, and ultimately helps them win more customers.’

‘Products can be used safely and correctly’, she continues; ‘Employees can access the information and learn more rapidly.’

The project management team are the best thing ever. They are on the ball, very logical in their way of working, and very flexible. This has made my job so much easier.

Natalie Carpenter

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Internationalisation (abbreviation:  i18n) – Is the process of designing a software application or website so that it can be adapted to various languages and regions without further code changes stage.