10th July 2018

Does punctuation matter?

In 2003, the world was taken by storm by a little book called ‘Eats Shoots & Leaves’ by Lynne Truss.  Although teachers have been banging on […]
3rd July 2018

Stick to the Script

It’s pretty difficult to imagine the modern world without the one invention most dear to linguists: writing.  It’s been around for 5,600 years now, and it’s […]
29th June 2018

Roman Karabaev Our Linguist Of The Month -June

Our linguist of the month award goes to Roman Karabaev who has been collaborating with One Global as a Russian linguist since 2013. Having worked for […]
26th June 2018

Language After Brexit

English is currently one of three procedural language of the European Union.  But with the UK’s exit from the EU only a year away, there has […]
22nd June 2018

Day of the Seafarer

Who among us hasn’t, if only for a moment, daydreamed about leaving our desks and running away to sea?  Even in an age where the globe […]
19th June 2018

Peak English?

The first international treaty written in English was the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, marking the end of the First World War.  Although most people probably […]
12th June 2018

Rise of the Frankenword

Brexit! Brunch! Brillig! Spork! Despite being a relatively recent invention, it seems portmanteaus are everywhere these days.  Most people credit Lewis Carroll with identifying the concept […]
5th June 2018

Interpreters in the Great War

2018 marks 100 years since the end of the First World War, a conflict which engulfed the whole world and destroyed large parts of it.  Dragging […]
30th May 2018

Olga Avdeeva Our Linguist Of the Month – May

Our Linguist of the Month award for May goes to Olga Avdeeva who works primarily for one our key client’s and has made us proud to collaborate […]
29th May 2018

The Rule of Three

“Three – it’s the magic number!” The number 3 has been revered as special or different for thousands of years – ever since humanity first invented […]
22nd May 2018

Applied Etymology: Goods and chattels

A lot of us in the business world are concerned in some form or another with property and wealth, be it intellectual or physical.  Historically in […]
14th May 2018

National Children’s Day UK

Humans are remarkable creatures, especially when it comes to language acquisition.  Most people have tried to learn another language in their adult lives, and it’s not […]
11th May 2018

National Limerick Day

Many people would say that poetry is the highest form of language, not only requiring careful selection of the right word for the right thought, but […]
1st May 2018
Tour De Yorkshire Preparation

Re-Tour de Yorkshire

Although shamefully missed out of the last two years’ routes, One Global’s home town of Leeds will once again be welcoming the cyclists of the Tour […]
30th April 2018

Katia Perry Our Linguist Of The Month – April

Here at One Global, we appreciate and value the work our linguists’ do and recognise how vital they are to our business. Not only do linguists’ […]